As many of you know, we CLOSED our kitchen at the start of COVID and unfortunately haven't been able to reopen it.  We are excited to announce some killer NEW Food Options starting at Tapphoria.  We are teaming up with some amazing local small businesses and hosting a pop-up kitchen starting in March 2022. 

We will still be offering our current menu lineup;

*Our FAMOUS Buffalo Chicken Dip

*Bavarian Pretzel Sticks with mustards

*Pub Snacks:  Pistachios, Peanut Butter Pretzels, Chex Mix, etc......

*Pork Rinds served Hot with or without Hot Sauce

NEW Food Schedule Starts:

Tuesday:  Blazin Gyros  Fine Mediterranean dining.  Order via Phone (5-7:30pm) while

                 at Tapphoria either Lamb/Beef Gyro w/fries ONLY $10 or Lamb/Beef       

                 Gyro Platter ONLY $10.  They will deliver to Tapphoria for FREE, tips


Wednesday:  Rovente Pizzeria (Tigard Location ONLY):  Local family owned business. 

                       Order via Phone while at Tapphoria ANY 12" Medium Pizza up to 3

                       toppings for ONLY $10.  They will deliver to Tapphoria for FREE, tips


If you have any local recommendations for the other available days, please reach out to Big Mike at

Check back to see the weekly updated schedule for even more food choices.